6 Things a Career in Interactive Media Can Offer You

1. It can change the way you see the world
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After being introduced to UX and Interactive Media you will not look at websites the same way. You start analyzing everything without even realizing, always finding ways to improve design, usability, and experiences. It is a blessing and a curse. It will make you aware of details and flaws in a whole different way.

2. There are many different roles you can play

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Interactive Media has opportunities for different types of skills. From programmer to designer, from strategist to manager, you can mix and match your skills as much as you want, be as specialized or versatile as you want. According to News Ontario, the province is going to invest $6 million to industry, creating more jobs on top of 17,000 full-time jobs currently existent in Ontario estimated by the Canadian Interactive Alliance. It is an innovative, fast-growing industry with new opportunities coming up every day.

3. Be the owner of your own time

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Interactive Media allows you to choose what type of work environment is best for you. If you are more laid back and likes being the owner of your own time, there are freelance jobs all around the industry. If you prefer a more structured worked place, more and more companies are hiring interactive media professionals full-time.\r\n\r\n

4. It allows you to collaborate with other industries

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Interactive Media and UX open a whole new world of opportunities to improve not only online experiences but other sectors such as health, education, government, entertainment, and others. It can improve the effectiveness of the most diverse tasks, making sure you always have new fields and ideas to explore, never being bored. This article from Eva Koppen shows an amazing example of how UX can help other sectors.

5. Spread your creativity

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Creativity is key in Interactive Media and UX. Combine technology and your creative powers to solve problems, create strategies or design an amazing functional website. You can expand your mind and knowledge while actually making money.

6. New technology every day

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Interactive Media is the future. We hear about new interactive technologies more and more every day. Virtual Reality and AI personal assistants are already coming up and infiltrating our day to day. The industry is ever changing and creating new challenges, it will give you a new perspective of what the future will look like.

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